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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

if you like you might book a special program for our knight meals. Master of ceremonies, dancer, musicians and magicians will make your evening in our house an unforgettable event. We wrote some addresses of artists down, who already worked for many times in our house.

1) Hanna of Westfalen

With this actor you will book one of the rare female actors who are connected to the German middle age. Hanna of Westfalen cares a lot about the guests to find out which kind of program you like to have. She cares a lot about her programs and guests so we are sure, that you will have an interesting evening. It is possible to have an English program.

More information you get from Andrea Münster

Tel. +49-1522-1686088 or +49-2248-915148 or +49-2248-307929

Home www.hannavonwestfalen.de    EMAIL   ritteressen@hannavonwestfalen.de

2) Agency Draconia

This agency offers a lot of different artists. Here you can book masters of ceremony, dancer and an outstanding magician. You might as well order old documents with the names of your guests, mugs, costumes and many more things.It is possible to have an English program.

More information you get from Mr Scheffler, Tel. +49-2742-8298

Home   www.draconia.de       Email   rs@draconia.de

3) The Knight Burkhart von Hohenfels

This is a group of many people who like to care and beware the rules and the way of life of the middle age. You will know a lot of long forgotten songs and games. The group owns a lot of original costumes for the actors and the guests. With this group you will have a colourful evening of middle age life.

More information you get from Dirk Bratz

Tel. +49-211-77892213 or +49-211-2926823

4) Kurtzweyl

Also the group Kurtzweyl has a lot of experience in making programs for middle age meals. They are famous for caring about the middle age live in Germany. They have very old instruments to play on and tell hole group (six persons) is the right choice for the very big event.

More information you get from Jürgen Körber Tel. +49-2262-999664   Fax +49-2262-999665

Home     www.kurtzweyl.de

We are sure that you will find the right artist for your party. If you need further information or adresses please contact us.


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