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Could there be a castle where the knights "zum Haus" lived in former times without a knights meal?

Our tower room, which you can see at this page, is big enough for 18 persons and it is just one of the rooms of the cellar vaults, which are older than 1000 years. Here we serve our middle-age meals. In the hole cellar we can welcome about 90 persons. Of course we serve these special meals also in the hole castle, then you can invite 150 guests.

Already by walking down the winding stairs along the thick old walls your guests will notice that something special is waiting for them. After coming down to the cave the charming ladies and noble knights take place at the wooden tables. Then they put the pinafores around their neck, because they will eat the menu with their hands as it was usual in former times. Not just your friends and acquaintances but also the people of your company will enjoy this moment of relaxing and having fun.

If you like to have your banquet after all the rules of the middle age, you might as well book a master of ceremony, who will teach you how to eat and drink, who will do a poison test or a knighting. Musicians, magicians and beautiful dancer will make a splendid event of your party, just as you like.



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