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We are pleased to welcome you in the Restaurant Wasserburg Haus zum Haus.

In a particular beautiful surrounding even the work becomes a pleasure. The rooms of our restaurant are placed in a careful restored water castle of the 8th century. Although there are concessions to the technique and needs of modern times, there is always the special atmosphere of a long history. Already the sight of the castle, surrounded by an opulent green landscape with grazing horses on the meadows and the various birds on the surface of the water, puts our guests into enthusiasm again and again. If it is already a real pleasure to work here, it is even more pleasant to celebrate parties, to eat and to enjoy yourself in the restaurant.

Accompany us on a little expedition through our house and see what we offer you. If you have the wish to enjoy the special, just contact us. We are looking  forward to your visit.


Please visit also our new restaurant

the "Christen" in Haus Litzbrück in Düsseldorf Angermund. We will be glad to book your table in one of the beautiful rooms of the restaurant or outside on our garden terrace. You might also like to know something about the hotel rooms of conference rooms. Please see some information under www.Haus-Litzbrueck.de This restaurant is opened verey day from 12,00 - 14,30 and from 18,00 - 23,30.

The staff of the restaurant "Wasserburg Haus zum Haus" and "Haus Litzbrück"


Knight´s Cellar

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